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Behind The Scenes

TOM Poster

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Policy ID: c83e90843b30d65f39bbb5ac36f65c8aba549219ebd76961f81529c7

Royalty: 5%

Set in a hinterland between the civilised world and the wilderness, TOM tells the story of a journey to rediscover who we really are. This world, this reality, is the construct of the inner-mind where we live amongst projections of who we are, who we could be and who we were.


Over 80% of Tom was created using hand made models which were digitized using photogrammetry. It took 9 months to build over 100 models that were used to create the environments in the film. The photogrammetry process took a year to complete with a quarter of a million photographs being used to reconstruct the models digitally. 


All the performers in the film were shot on a homemade green screen stage in the garage, using a treadmill and revolve to match the perspective of camera moves from the film. There are over 400 different versions of Wilkie in the film who is joined by his 3 year old nephew, Eben, to complete the cast. 


The project was completed using Cinema 4D and Redshift, taking 4 months to render bringing the total duration of the project to over 3 years. With the full-length film running at 56 minutes the project took approximately 130 man-hours per minute to make.


Assets scanned using Capture Reality

Characters choma-captured and processed in After Effects and Photoshop 

Assembled and lit in Cinema4D

Rendered with Redshift

Post in Photoshop and Lightroom

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