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TOM - by Wilkie Branson

Promoter Page
TOM is available for booking in 2020 and beyond.  Below, you can find more information about the show, as well as downloading the Promotor Pack PDF.

"An innovative production combining choreography with digital animation" THE LIVE REVIEW


Set in a hinterland between the civilised world and the wilderness, TOM  tells the story of one man’s journey to rediscover who he really is. Will he find the answers he needs, or is the real TOM lost forever?

Created by award-winning choreographer, film-maker and Sadler’s Wells New Wave Associate Artist Wilkie Branson. TOM explores storytelling using the hip hop language of b-boying, bringing it together with cutting-edge technologies including animation, projection mapping, sound design and film installation. Playing with negative space and the projection of the work to create a depth of field, TOM is a unique and innovative dance for camera installation.


TOM’s physical installation is made of 3 pepper scrim holographic gauzes, onto which the film is projection mapped, giving a layered, almost pop-up effect, to view the film.

“a really exciting piece of interdisciplinary work that melds film, dance and music in a mesmeric and moving work…The dance…is beautiful and emotive, and it’s a context in which we do not usually see breakdance which makes for a really interesting effect. .. I wanted more of it”.


The show is suitable for all audiences with an age guidance of 14+ owing to some short moments of violence, and adult themes of depression and self harm.


The show includes a Front of House exhibition that gives greater insight into Wilkie’s process, and

can be supported with a range of engagement or participation options, made bespoke to your needs.

Commissioned and co-produced by Sadler’s Wells.Co-Produced by Pavilion Dance South West.

Research & Development supported by Sadler’s Wells New Wave Associate Programme.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through the Arts Council England.


Creation & Process

Over 80% of Tom was created using hand made models which were digitized using photogrammetry. It took 9 months to built over 100 models that were used to create the environments in the film. The photogrammetry process took a year to complete with a a quarter of a million photographs being used to reconstruct the models digitally. 


All the performers in the film were shot on a homemade green screen stage in the garage, using a treadmill and revolve to match the perspective of camera moves from the film. There are over 400 different versions of Wilkie in the film who is joined by his 3 year old nephew, Eben, to complete the cast. 


The project was completed using Cinema 4D and Redshift, taking 4 months to render bringing the total duration of the project to 2 years. With the full-length film running at 50 minutes the the project took approximately 130 man-hours per minute to make. 


@DonaldHutera: Impressed by Wilkie Branson's considered   (#dance)#film#installationTOM @Sadlers_Wells' Lil Baylis… Underpinned by #mentalhealthawareness.


“Benji Bower’s compositions in tandem with Mat Clark’s sound design is truly stunning…

This is a score curated with the utmost skill…“ SPYINTHESTALLS

Created By

Wilkie Branson

Sound Designer

Adam Peck

Costume Designer

Benji Bower

Production Manager

Andrew Hammond

Projection Artist

Lusia Hinchliff


Engagement & Front Of House Installation

There are a range of engagement options that we can offer to support broader access and deeper insight into the work. This includes working with young people and students on learning more about Wilkie’s creative process, deeper insights into the techniques & craft use; alongside a supported approach to exploring the themes of male mental health, identity and self-harm at the centre of the narrative. Pre- and post-show talks are encouraged! We would be happy to talk about your bespoke needs.

Alongside the film installation of TOM, there is an exhibition providing greater insight into Wilkie’s process, which has achieved great success  in deepening audience engagement and understanding of the work previous presentations. Two longer making-of videos can be shown on screens to give greater insight, alongside displaying models on tables and workflow diagrams to detail the creation. 

Technical Info

A PDF of the latest technical specification for TOM can be downloaded here

Numbers on the road:3/4 dependent on tech support - we require 1 in-house technician with good working knowledge of QLab.

Running time: 50minutes no interval - can run numerous times once set up



Day 1 - stage set up 3 sessions

Day 2 - 3 sessions projection mapping alignments & surround sound set up

Day 3 - show 1 matinee


GET OUT - 3 hours, dependent on crew available for truss breakdown


Show will be operated by TSM

About Wilkie

Wilkie Branson is an interdisciplinary dance artist and film maker. Self taught in both dance and film, which form the main focus of his work, the roots of his practice lie in BBoying. Wilkie’s dance style has developed into a unique fusion, with expression, accessibility and integrity at it’s heart. He received the arts Foundation Chroeogrraphic Fellowship in 2012 and was most recently the recipient of several awards for his latest dance animation Little Dreams. Wilkie is a New Wave Associate Artist at Sadler’s Wells and a Playtime Artist at PDSW.

His previous shows at Sadler’s Wells include Varmints, White Caps and Boing! which is about to return to China for the second time after a Christmas run in New York.




Running Time: 50 minutes no interval
Age giuidance: 14+ (contains short scene of violence, and explores adult themes) 

Website: | 


SM handles 

INSTA: @wilkiebranson @whoistom_uk

TWITTER: @wilkiebranson

FB PAGE:  @wilkiebranson @whoistomuk



Commissioned and co-produced by Sadler’s Wells.
Co-Produced by Pavilion Dance South West.
Research & Development supported by Sadler’s Wells New Wave Associate Programme and Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham.. 

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through the Arts Council England.
With additional support from the Unicorn Theatre, Hive House London, Theatre Bristol, Capture Reality and Floating Harbour Web Design.


Target Audience Suggestions: 

Audiences interested in new technology, dance, animation 

themes of raising mental health awareness, particularly focused on male mental health, loneliness, self harm,
Young men

Those interested in creative practice 

Interested in original music 


Q&A/ talks / discussions: 

Wilkie regularly participates in post-show conversations. These have looked into his process, his career, or have been in conjunction with local MIND orgs to focus on the mental health aspect of the work. We can arrange discussion geared towards your specific needs/groups if you’d like to discuss this 


Target particpants: 14+, college & university students (dance, film, animation), groups focusing on male mental health, or developing creative practice
Maximum participants: Dependent on the workshop - for small creation projects, up to 15, for larger, broader topics, up to 30
Length: 2 hours - 3 days 

NB: the above is a guildeline. Bespoke workshops are consistently created throughout touring, and are best arranged by chatting through your needs.



TOM is currently booking for ongoing touring please contact for all enquiries.

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